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February 6, 2012 - Comments Off on How To Value Yourself

How To Value Yourself

I recently had a discussion with someone close to me about how we value ourselves. The complexity through valuing yourself in a clear light is astronomical. It's often the case that we in fact have to bring ourselves back to reality by using Simplicity Points.

Simplicity Points refer to 3 points in our lives: Our Past, Present and Future. They cut out the bullshit and force us to focus on the simple details: What we have done, what we're doing now and where we're going.

Past Simplicity Point: Take a moment to think back to your big past achievements remembering to keep it simple. Think about 3-5 of your big life achievements and add them to the Past Simplicity Point. More often than not, these are 3 things that define a large part of your past.

Present Simplicity Point: With the Present Simplicity Point, focus on what you currently do. Where you work, what you own and what you do (charity, sport, hobbies etc). With most choices these should speak volumes about who you are right now.

Future Simplicity Point: With the Future Simplicity Point have a look at the items from your past and compare them to your present. Have you made massive steps towards something you started in the past? Did you redefine who you were as you grew up? Are you on a path to achieving something for the future?

 Next? Stop. Just keep to the basics. All of these points combined should give you an overview of where you are heading. You can't change your past but you can alter your present for the future. In all, this will provide you a sense of value for yourself. Let your points define you as you learn and grow from them. After all, others will see value you in much the same way: What you have done, what you're doing now and where you're heading.