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July 30, 2013 - Comments Off on Back Into Producing: Subpixel

Back Into Producing: Subpixel

Creating music is an addictive passion which I put on hold years ago to focus on my role in tech startups & design. Reopening Pandora's box is an exciting thing to do - especially when you realize you have learned a lot while being away from the keyboard. So here I am under my new artist name, Subpixel. Listen to various tracks under the designed cover art.


Cover art for various singles

Cover art for various singles


July 14, 2013 - Comments Off on Logo Logo

In 2013, we started the process of updating our brand and changing our name from Kickfolio to The process is documented here:

The logo kept the familiarity of the Kickfolio logo by reusing the iconic 'App K' with a 90 degree rotation.


The logo with various color combinations Posters in-office posters