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November 13, 2015 - Comments Off on LIFX Packaging Design

LIFX Packaging Design

From Conception to Completion

Starting with the White 800, I focused on a simplified version of the packaging with as little information as technically needed. It was a nod to the prior "LIFX Original" packaging, and kept close to the current minimal packaging trends (arguably driven and highlighted by Apple).

Even this early on, it was clear that this packaging was lacking 'emotion' while still appealing to the design path I wanted to follow. Over the next few iterations I would bring back in larger blocks of color/tones to provide the 'warmth' that we were ideally going for to differentiate our product online and on the shelves.

Once the White 800 packaging had been 90% completed, I carried the same layout and stylings to the other packages to connect the family.

Backstory: During my research, I found that the current trend in lightbulb packaging appears to be extremely simplified, often without character or warmth. There was rarely a focus on benefits of the lightbulb, often only a physical product shot against a flat color.

Additional notes: At the same time I was developing the packaging, the app design was going through a complete overhaul and we were locking in the naming structure of our upcoming product range. The final naming structure was chosen due to the fluidity of a conversation about the product:

"Color range of the bulb" - "Brightness/Lumens of the bulb" - "Style of the bulb"
WHITE 800 A19 or COLOR 1000 BR30

LIFX packaging designv1 LIFX packaging designv2 LIFX packaging designv3 LIFX packaging designv4 LIFX packaging designv5 LIFX packaging designv6


Final Designs

After the first small run of packaging was printed we evaulated it's effectiveness by listening to the people we had shared the samples with. It was within this time that we learned that the abilty to change between shades of white and millions of colors was lost amongst the design. To rectify this, I added the Whites Wheel and Color Wheel to the front of the packaging and adjusted the top strip gradient to show more color change on the front panel.

The other item that was adjusted based on the feedback was the equivalent wattage of the bulbs (i.e. 800 Lumens equivalent to 60W). While LED technology has improved dramatically over the years, the awareness of LUMENS has not - leading to confusion when trying to work out how bright an 800/1000 Lumen bulb is in comparison to a more traditional 60W bulb.

LIFX packaging design2 LIFX packaging design3 LIFX packaging design4 LIFX packaging design5 LIFX packaging design6 LIFX packaging design7 LIFX packaging design8 LIFX packaging design9