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LIFX Packaging Design

From Conception to Completion

Starting with the White 800, I focused on a simplified version of the packaging with as little information as technically needed. It was a nod to the prior "LIFX Original" packaging, and kept close to the current minimal packaging trends (arguably driven and highlighted by Apple).

Even this early on, it was clear that this packaging was lacking 'emotion' while still appealing to the design path I wanted to follow. Over the next few iterations I would bring back in larger blocks of color/tones to provide the 'warmth' that we were ideally going for to differentiate our product online and on the shelves.

Once the White 800 packaging had been 90% completed, I carried the same layout and stylings to the other packages to connect the family.

Backstory: During my research, I found that the current trend in lightbulb packaging appears to be extremely simplified, often without character or warmth. There was rarely a focus on benefits of the lightbulb, often only a physical product shot against a flat color.

Additional notes: At the same time I was developing the packaging, the app design was going through a complete overhaul and we were locking in the naming structure of our upcoming product range. The final naming structure was chosen due to the fluidity of a conversation about the product:

"Color range of the bulb" - "Brightness/Lumens of the bulb" - "Style of the bulb"
WHITE 800 A19 or COLOR 1000 BR30

LIFX packaging designv1 LIFX packaging designv2 LIFX packaging designv3 LIFX packaging designv4 LIFX packaging designv5 LIFX packaging designv6


Final Designs

After the first small run of packaging was printed we evaulated it's effectiveness by listening to the people we had shared the samples with. It was within this time that we learned that the abilty to change between shades of white and millions of colors was lost amongst the design. To rectify this, I added the Whites Wheel and Color Wheel to the front of the packaging and adjusted the top strip gradient to show more color change on the front panel.

The other item that was adjusted based on the feedback was the equivalent wattage of the bulbs (i.e. 800 Lumens equivalent to 60W). While LED technology has improved dramatically over the years, the awareness of LUMENS has not - leading to confusion when trying to work out how bright an 800/1000 Lumen bulb is in comparison to a more traditional 60W bulb.

LIFX packaging design2 LIFX packaging design3 LIFX packaging design4 LIFX packaging design5 LIFX packaging design6 LIFX packaging design7 LIFX packaging design8 LIFX packaging design9



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LIFX App Redesign

The LIFX app redesign has been one of my most controversial app designs of late. The original LIFX app had the same simple text list design for over 2 years, with minimal interface changes. Over the years however, the LIFX app itself had many feature additions, including custom Scenes and Schedules for your home automation, which were unfortunately buried within the old interface.

What's New in the LIFX iOS App Version 3.0.0 from LIFX on Vimeo.

With any design that has stayed the same for a large period of time, you have to take care in bringing forth something new - even if the new concept aims to take all the most important elements and make them easier to access. Simply put: Some people hate change.

With that in mind, this redesign focused around one core ideal - "One Button Simplicity". If you play with the colors of your lights each day save a Scene so it's only one tap to turn it on each day. If you turn that scene on each day at a certain time, set a schedule so it does it for you. Automate waking up with your lights/coming home to a lit house and going to sleep at a time of your choosing, without needing to reach for your smart device.

In the past, before the smarts tab was added, you HAD to play with your lights each time to get it to what you wanted. Then we added scenes and schedules that actually saved you time - but we never educated people on why or how they could use them.

Have a lot of lights? > Use groups.
Have a lot of groups? > Use scenes.
Have a lot of scenes? > Use schedules.

This redesign brings the Scenes, Schedules and Integrations to the main list, into helpful collapsible modules. The tap areas are now 'big buttons' [featuring a visual brightness percentage, color indicator and iconic LIFX bulb shape] - all wrapped up in an easy-on-the-eyes dark interface.

Overall, this new design has been received well. It has been quite humbling to have some of my assumptions validated.

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Food Fight X

After quite a few characters we've created the first part of our running series at Foom Toys, Food Fight X. We're documenting the entire process on our Instagram. We'll share more of the world over time.


A photo posted by Foom Toys (@foomtoys) on

A photo posted by Foom Toys (@foomtoys) on

A photo posted by Foom Toys (@foomtoys) on

A video posted by Foom Toys (@foomtoys) on

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Update: Ommy has been really well received and will be the flagship character for Foom. We're starting with a 3" run of DIY Ommy's, and then will move into other sizes and prints.  See our Instagram for more.

Over the past few weeks working and learning about the process of creating designer toys, I've experimented a lot with my characters. I'm proud to say that I've locked onto the character that really makes me smile - and which I believe is also an incredible canvas for many custom designer toy artists. Say hi to Ommy!


Due to the way things work, I'll be creating a small exclusive run, hand-made and painted. After which, depending on how well it's received, I'll push forward on a DIY version. I've been posting step by step of my process on Instagram.
I've since decided that I'll start simple and then move into accessories in a later run, so those hand holes may be in a later run. Such is the art of creation - it's always changing.

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Foom Toys


For many years I've worked purely in digital design. On rare occasions I've had something printed into a poster or t-shirt, but overall my design world has been pretty 2D.

That all changed a week ago when I started printing 3D resin versions of my characters (outside of work hours). I'm extremely excited about the possibilities of printing characters, and will quickly be learning how to create molds, clean them, prime and airbrush them and then sell them - under my new startup, Foom Toys!

I will be documenting the whole process in a good amount of visual detail on Instagram, and will occasionally write a blog post here and there to give more info about the whole process. Hope you enjoy!

Layer by layer on the Form 1+ #formlabs #toy #3dprint #makeraddictz

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Website Design: 2012 Kickfolio to 2015

From 2012 to 2015 the (aka Kickfolio) website has undergone many redesigns. As a co-founder/designer, I spent many hours trying to craft the message and tone of the brand. As you'll see, we went through a ton of iterations. Here is the visual timeline:


The first ever design displayed cute ninja-like phones. As this website was originally aimed at developers, a tongue-in-cheek and youthful attitude carried the design. At it's time, it resonated well with the intended target market.




First Kickfolio landing page concept



After a month I realized that the design we had was suitable, but just didn't come across as professional as we were quickly becoming. Due in part to the ways customers were using it, I updated the design to the concept below.



Second Kickfolio landing page

Second Kickfolio concept landing page



Shortly thereafter, we realized we had a bigger market than anticipated. Our product had also expanded beyond portfolios and into testing, and we had also raised funding and moved to the US. As such, a new design was created to reach an older target market.




Third Kickfolio landing page



As a part of the above design, we also pushed further into the testing market with a custom information page. This was well received, yet gained little traction being isolated from the main landing page.




Third Kickfolio landing page - Testing subpage



Over the next 6 months, we had various major and minor updates to the website. During that time I focused on the customers using the product, and assisted in building the strategy of Kickfolio (which was renamed to during this time). This next design focused on the many different ways you could use, with direct customer quotes.



Landing Page Jan 2014

2013 landing page



After many edits to the above design, we expanded our product into mobile advertising. In this design, I focused on simplifying the message, and demonstrated how powerful our advertisements were with well presented data.



2014 landing page

2014 landing page



Advertising was really striking a tone with investors and customers alike. As such, we made a controversial move to push completely across to the marketing and advertising side, and temporarily closed down our testing platform. It was at the time I moved into the CEO role.



2014 landing page

2014 landing page



Due to popular demand, we reopened our testing platform to paying customers. It was at this point we needed a design that reflected both our advertising and testing markets, without going into too much detail for both. While this design worked, we had always thought of it as a stop gap until we further defined our customers exact use cases.



2014 landing page

2014 landing page



After stepping back as CEO, I took my last month at to really flesh out a design that correctly identified our customers current use cases, explained in the simplest way. The result is a fresh design for, with a renewed color palette across the brand, and a flat, consistent layout. It has since been upgraded by the current team - but here is what it looked like before that.



2015 landing page

2015 landing page


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Minto and Friends

Minto and his [unnamed friend]! Starting to work out more of their story - they're currently exploring the solar system in the hopes of finding life...

These characters were created in Fusion 360, and are print ready, standing at nearly 4" tall. I'll get 3d versions made some day soon!

UPDATE: 3D versions are happening! 


Minto and Friend



Minto Close Up


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Joining LIFX

I'm excited to announce that I have joined LIFX as a Senior Visual Designer.

What is LIFX?

LIFX is a wifi enabled, multi-color, energy efficient LED light bulb that you can control with your smartphone.

I've followed LIFX's journey from its inception with a great admiration. I sat next to the founders in the AngelCube accelerator in Australia back in 2012. I watched as they raised $1.3 million on Kickstarter and made the hard call to limit pledges after only 6 days to focus on developing the product. I became a daily addict, opening the app every day to control my lights wirelessly. I watched the LIFX team expand across to the US, and impress the likes of Sequoia, enough for them to lead the Series A. On a few occasions I jumped in quickly to help with the app designs and join in on UX brainstorming sessions.

And now, I'm with them on the ground floor. This is exciting.

It's going to be an incredible 2015.

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Vinyl Toy: Kilox

Creating characters has always been a passion of mine. In the last few years, vinyl toys have caught my eye, and with the advancement of technology for 3d home printing it's easier than ever for someone like me to bring one to life. While I haven't taken the physical plunge yet, I definitely have my first character design - modeled in Sculptris, colored in Photoshop.

Here's an early look at the Kilox range, with this character called Hyper. More to come in the future.


Kilox rough first layout

Kilox rough first layout


Kilox base color

Kilox base color


Kilox character called Hyper


December 16, 2014 - Comments Off on Leaving


This December marks a special time for me. After nearly 3 years with I will be leaving at the end of this year.

I am extremely thankful to have Elliott Poppel lead the charge as's CEO - his business skills and motivating attitude are incredible, and I know the company is in very capable hands. Throughout my time with the company I have learned a lot about who I am, my strengths and weaknesses, and have met many amazing people. I am truly humbled to have had this experience, including stepping in as the CEO for 9 months.

Thank you to all who were there over the years, who motivated, encouraged and supported me. Thank you to the incredible team of people I have been fortunate to work with (Oliver, Scott, William, Ed, Steve, Elliott - you are awesome!) - their strength and solidarity has kept me going in the hardest times. Thank you to our investors and mentors whom have helped in so many ways.

As for where I go next, I plan to stay in the USA and step into a design role full time. I have something in the works, and will announce it once it is finalized.