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Update: Ommy has been really well received and will be the flagship character for Foom. We're starting with a 3" run of DIY Ommy's, and then will move into other sizes and prints.  See our Instagram for more.

Over the past few weeks working and learning about the process of creating designer toys, I've experimented a lot with my characters. I'm proud to say that I've locked onto the character that really makes me smile - and which I believe is also an incredible canvas for many custom designer toy artists. Say hi to Ommy!


Due to the way things work, I'll be creating a small exclusive run, hand-made and painted. After which, depending on how well it's received, I'll push forward on a DIY version. I've been posting step by step of my process on Instagram.
I've since decided that I'll start simple and then move into accessories in a later run, so those hand holes may be in a later run. Such is the art of creation - it's always changing.

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