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May 19, 2011 - 3 comments

Are You Paying Attention? @AirTran

To many, Twitter is a fantastic tool to communicate with other like-minded people, share great information and advertise the latest offers. Some even go one step further and connect with fans and friends alike. But what happens when a company creates a profile and then neglects to update it for a year and a half? I write a post about it.

Link to full image

In the above image you will see the AirTran Airways neglected Twitter account.

Adding insult to injury is the fact that AirTran have 7,545 Followers, their Klout score is quite high (which means they get mentioned a lot) and they actually state in their first and only Tweet from October 2009: "...we'll be tweeting with you soon". Personally, I'm not going to hold my breath.

With a quick bit of research I worked out that AirTran run a few different types of planes - one of them a Boeing 717, which is capable of seating up to 117 passengers on a full flight.

That's the equivalent of approximately 64 fully booked Boeing 717's just sitting on the tarmac.

Look at the missed customer service and marketing opportunities that have flown by in just the last 5 hours (not forget the last year and a half).

Now I don't know the financial or working details behind a low-cost airline, but I know there are departments who look after the airlines advertising and customer service. By simply realising the untapped connections on their own page they could potentially save hundreds (if not thousands) per year on direct marketing and customer support. A quick @reply or discount card to some of the customers above could have brought in some great publicity, or at the very least turned negative experiences into future positives.

So how did they miss this? And why do they continue to neglect a potential gold mine of repeat customers?

@AirTran, are you paying attention?


UPDATE: A day after I emailed them via their website I got a reply:

"Thank you for contacting AirTran Airways. I have forwarded this information to our Social Media Specialist".

I'm glad they forwarded it on to their Social Media Specialist, but I would love to know what they currently get paid to do!