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July 6, 2011 - Comments Off on Not Bad vs Good Thanks – The Power Of Positive Response

Not Bad vs Good Thanks – The Power Of Positive Response

When someone says Hello, how are you?, which response is the first to mind, Not Bad or Good Thanks?

If your first response is "Not Bad", don't worry, you're not alone. More people often than not reply with the exact same response. But have you ever stopped to consider the negative impact you may be bringing to the exchange?


The definition of Not is: Used to express negation, denial, refusal, or prohibition (adverb). In short, it's a word used to describe a blocking or negative situation. Leading your conversation with 'Not' may be commonplace, but often it's detrimental  in generating a flow on discussion.


The definition of Bad is: Not good in any manner or degree (adjective). Bad is just one of those words that sounds bad no matter how you may try to spin it. By preceding this word with Not, we get a double negative cancellation, and start our discussion with a flat response.

But things get interesting when we our first response is "Good, thanks". If said in the right tone, with a slight hint of excitement it can open up the discussion by intrigue, often leading to a more beneficial exchange.


The definition of Good is: Morally excellent; virtuous; righteous (adjective). In essence, the word Good describes a positive emotion, thought or feeling, which extends into our discussion. By leading with Good we openly encourage positivity and motivate the discussion to advance.


The definition of Thanks is: To express gratitude, appreciation, or acknowledgment (verb). Ending your response with Thanks has double the value. First, it acknowledges the person asking for their question and second, it solidifies the first positive response allowing the discussion to start on a strong, open ground.

By switching your response from "Not Bad" to "Good Thanks" you will find yourself becoming enlightened allowing the conversation to flow easier. If you are feeling down, try responding with "Good Thanks" to the caring question to coach your mind back to a more positive place.

TRY THIS: Go one week without saying "Not Bad", then move on to 2 weeks and so on until it is completely removed from your conversations. Let me know how you go in the comments.