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May 18, 2011 - 3 comments

Simple Answers For Confused Entrepreneurs

1. I have an amazing idea, how do I get started?

Just start building.

2. Is my idea awesome?

Yes. Otherwise don't think about it.

3. How do I meet people?

Leave the house.

4. How do I get people to use my service?

Make something then move to answer 6.

5. How do I get more people to use my service?

Make something awesome then move to answer 6.

6. How do I let people know about my service?

Tell someone.

7. But how can I find people to use my service?

See answer 3.

8. But how do I get the masses to use my service?

Answer 5,6 and 3.

9. How do I keep people using my service?

Keep it awesome.

10. What if no-one is using my service?

Answer 3, 6 and if you can't keep going move to answer 11.

11. Should I Quit?

No. But you can always pivot.

12. How do I find people to join my company?

Answer 5, 3 and Search.

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