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April 21, 2012 - Comments Off on Hacker News Clean Redesign

Hacker News Clean Redesign

One of the greatest things for a designer is the challenge of redesigning something well-known - just for the hell of it. Here is my take of a redesigned Hacker News. Please note: This redesign was just for fun, based upon various points of discussion from another redesign.

Here's the details:

  • Everything fits on the one line which helps reduce the clutter and would allow more articles above the fold (in this design I have kept the standard 30).
  • The darkest items are now the titles taking the focus off the header and straight to the content.
  • Font used is Droid Sans (Google Webfont)
  • Secondary links (in header and next to titles) have been dulled slightly to be easier on the eyes.
  • Background has been lightened.
  • SUBTLE: Removed the dots from the position numbers (trust me, it makes a difference!).
  • SUBTLE: The More link is now orange. Yep, awesome.

Full size version here:
(Open this link in a New Tab to avoid the popup)

HackerNews Redesign by Diesel Laws