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June 13, 2011 - Comments Off on Rip It, Rebuild It & Release It

Rip It, Rebuild It & Release It

Heraclitus was an ancient Greek philosopher who lived about 100 years before Plato. Although only fragments of his book remain, one of his most famous quotes, "The only thing that is constant is change" lives on strong.

The true nature of this quote is to embrace change, of all kinds. By embracing change, we can learn to accept the world we live in and in doing so, allow our minds to flow creatively without fear or interruption.

While it may sound simple to some, accepting a world where change is constant can scare so many. Below, I have broken it down to the 3 R's of how the cycle of change occurs within all aspects of life.

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We rip apart everything we see, touch and feel.

We rip into a new phone, the design of a website and the way someone responds to what we say.

We can't expect to move forward without first ripping into the current system and revealing what works and what doesn't.


We rebuild after ripping apart the system.

We rebuild the product, rebuild the structure and rebuild the core.

We inspire to rebuild historic elements, desire to rebuild current directions and aspire to rebuild the pathways to our future.


We release after we rebuild the elements.

We release the latest version of the product, release the greatest update and release the rebuilt mental direction.

It is only after we release that we can start the cycle all over again.

It is with this simplistic overview that we can truly structure our lives to accept change and understand how others view the world. Society has always, and will forever rip apart something new, work to rebuild the elements and release it again to continue the cycle.