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The Making Of A Team

In startups, passion is your best friend and your worst enemy. It can drive a team towards a solid future and just as quickly tear them apart. The great news is that passion has such a powerful effect when used in the right way.

We (Kickfolio) are a very passionate team. We all have different viewpoints, understandings and directions and passionately discuss them amongst ourselves. Sometimes the passion unites us. Other times, the passion is so strong that the other founder(s) don't connect with it straight away.

This moment naturally creates a small wedge of opportunity for us all to learn, connect and grow. In that moment, we are challenged to find a way to work together and understand where the others passion is coming from. What is driving that opinion? What are the core values behind that passion?

During that time, we are heated. Professionally heated of course, in a way in which we can see the light at the end of the tunnel but we don't know which steps we will take to walk towards it. Ideas are thrown around, concepts are carved into the path and actionable steps are taken towards a combined direction.

I'm not going to lie, at times it's incredibly tense during those moments. Passion is intense. Quite often, the original passion is funneled into an activity that may only be present for a short amount of time before it can be merged into the bigger vision at a later stage. It can be overwhelming, frustrating and exhausting. But often (even during those moments) I am reminded that it has to be this way. We WANT it to be this way.

Without passion, there is a weak connection in any team. Without passion, the direction of a company can be pushed into a completely obscure path, straying close to immoral directions or fad-like areas. This is not what any of us want. We all want to direct the company towards a place that is held in high moral regard and value. We want something we can be proud of just as much as our customers.

This is why we respect our individual and passionate views. This is why we work everyday to align those various passions to strengthen the company from the ground up.

The alignment of passion - this is what really makes a team.

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