Music Production: Subpixel

Subpixel: The Brand

Creating music is an addictive passion which I had put on hold years ago to focus on my role in tech startups & design. Reopening Pandora's box is an exciting thing to do - especially when you realize you have learned a lot while being away from the keyboard.

It was important to me to find a brand that I could personally connect with, while at the same time being something unique that I could stand out with. Thus, Subpixel was created. 

The Subpixel S logo is simple, yet recognizable - and works in small or large sizes. It's surrounding black circle is to represent a record, yet can also be used as the container for cover art.




Subpixel: Cover Art

It was important to bring the logo into the cover art as much as possible, while still creating unique pieces for each track. As such, the S logo remained front and center while the outer circle provided the frame for the artwork. To add futher details, some of the designs overflow from the outer circle. 



Subpixel: The Music

Branding and art is fantastic, but when it comes down to it the music has to sell itself. Have a listen to some of my tracks right now.