Affluence Card Deck


Playing card decks are traditionally a lot more involved than they seem. I set out to create a custom deck of playing cards using some more advanced vector techniques. They combine elements of simple recognisable shapes and patterns with complex Face cards and suits. There needed to be a focus on consistency, while at the same time making key elements unique to stand on their own.


In this project the constraints can also be seen as a blessing. There are 4 suits and 2 core colours. Making up the deck are 53 unique cards (Including the 1 Joker) and 1 Back design. The box art is often a simple Tuck box. Proper placement of each suit, number and face card is critical to ensure the deck is still functional.

“AFFLUENCE: The state of having a great deal of money; wealth.”

Crafting the Suits

I modified each suit to individual, minimal shapes. After moving to outlined versions I expanded by connecting the paths. This led to the key design of small suits, displayed on the corners. Later on, an outlined version became the core focus – to draw a connection back to the line work on the Face cards.

The Face Cards

After the suits were set and a lot of the numbered cards were laid out it was time to work on the Face cards. I already knew I wanted the Face cards to be retro inspired and multi-lined; now I just had to experiment with the widths and ends.

Vertical Mirroring

Playing cards often have a simple yet unique feature; mirroring. By mirroring the designs they cater for the quick scan, without mentally or physically needing to rotate the card. It’s a lovely bit of design consideration with the user experience top of mind. For my early line-work I drew on a 45 degree angle , quickly changing to 65 degree to keep the design centre-aligned.

Line Work

The overall designs seemed to hold together, yet the thin ends made the design look weaker on certain angles and harder to see at distance. As this was to be a fully functional deck, a quick scan on a card should be without hurdles, no matter how small they are.

The Back

The back design was a great place to bring together all the elements from the various cards and the dual colours. The inspiration came from a mixture of the retro multi-lined designs and the “Gatsby” aesthetic. The ‘eye’ visual allowed a sense of depth, while also hinting at a “hidden” metaphor.

All Together

The Affluence Deck project was completed over a 4 week period. If you would like to see this brought to life let me know by tapping the Appreciate button!