Floof and Fren Sticker Pack


Character creation is a large passion of mine and cute things are fun to make! This 15 pack of animated iMessage stickers were created over a 3 day period.


Animated stickers require a great deal of optimisation and reworking to keep under the 500kb limit. They also need to keep within the theme, and work within the conversations we have. I had to cut down the animation to 6fps, in some cases only having 6 frames playing total.


After creating about 20 sketches, I moved the work to Illustrator, where I riffed off the concepts and created new designs. Throughout this process Floof and Fren were born. Continuing the experimentation in Illustrator I found Bok (Floof’s toy chicken) and crafted various outfits for the puppies.


65 Replies to “Floof and Fren Sticker Pack”

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