From 2012 to 2015 the (aka Kickfolio) website underwent many redesigns as we iterated the product. As a Co-founder, Designer and CEO from 2014-2015, I spent many hours crafting the message and tone of the brand. As you'll see, we went through a ton of iterations. What follows is the visual timeline.


The first ever design concept displayed cute ninja-like phones. As this website was originally aimed at developers, a tongue-in-cheek and youthful attitude carried the design. At it's time, it resonated well with the intended target market.

After a month I realized that the design we had was suitable, but just didn't come across as professional as we were quickly becoming. Due in part to the ways customers were using it, I updated the design to the concept below.

Shortly thereafter, we realized we had a bigger market than anticipated. Our product had also expanded beyond portfolios and into testing, and we had also raised funding and moved to the US. As such, a new design was created to reach an older target market.


As a part of the above design, we also pushed further into the testing market with a custom information page. This was well received, yet gained little traction being isolated from the main landing page.

Over the next 6 months, we had various major and minor updates to the website. During that time I focused on the customers using the product, and assisted in building the strategy of Kickfolio (which was renamed to during this time). This next design focused on the many different ways you could use, with direct customer quotes.


After many edits to the above design, we expanded our product into mobile advertising. In this design, I focused on simplifying the message, and demonstrated how powerful our advertisements were with well presented data.

Advertising was really striking a tone with investors and customers alike. As such, we made a controversial move to push completely across to the marketing and advertising side, and temporarily closed down our testing platform. It was at the time I moved into the CEO role.

Due to popular demand, we reopened our testing platform to paying customers. It was at this point we needed a design that reflected both our advertising and testing markets, without going into too much detail for both. While this design worked, we had always thought of it as a stop gap until we further defined our customers exact use cases.


After stepping back as CEO, I took my last month at to really flesh out a design that correctly identified our customers current use cases, explained in the simplest way. The result was a fresh design for, with a renewed color palette across the brand, and a flat, consistent layout.