Food Fight X #Character

As a personal challenge to create a series of characters, we (FOOM Toys) created Food Fight X. The characters are a mixture of super foods and animals, with unique abilities. We created the concept designs, tested and printed in a 3D printer, then sanded, molded, painted and sold each one. The process was an eye opening experience into the time consuming production-line and maintaining a balance between perfection and speed.

Original Concepts

Color Concepts

The Process: Design, Print, Sand, Mold, Paint

Creating each step took multiple hours of blood, sweat and tears. The models were designed with Fusion 360, then printed on a Form 1. After a few test prints it was clear there were some modifications that needed to be made to the pins and direction of certain supports. When the final print was done, it was time to clean and sand the master. The master then went into a molding process, using silicone. From there it was time to use the mold to create duplicates. After a few days we sanded and cleaned the 15 duplicates in preparation for painting. The painting process involved base coats of primer, airbrushing acrylic colours, and finished with a gloss coat. Overall, it was an incredibly time-consuming process and gave me a new understanding at the detail and work involved with manual model creation.

3D to 2D

With a drive towards the 3D designs we took a step back to create 2D versions of the characters. These were later recolored to match the final print versions. 

After they were created, we printed a few stickers and handed them out at various conventions and gave them to buyers.